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Ulster-Scots Writing: An Anthology

Ulster-Scots Writing: An AnthologyThis anthology of Ulster-Scots writing charts the breadth and diversity of Scottish influences upon Ulster writing from the 17th century to the present day. For the first time, this is explored through literary prose, poetry and drama and a number of important genres — philosophy, political and polemical texts, sermons, historiography, autobiographies and folk writings.

"The resurgence of the idea of Ulster Scots since the 1990s and its, at times expedient, recognition at an official level in Northern Ireland, caught some commentators and observers by surprise and elicited a degree of incredulity and hostility. Given the prominent and sometimes fraught position of ‘Ulster-Scots’ in Northern Irish culture, Frank Ferguson’s anthology is a crucial interjection. It functions simultaneously as literary anthology and historical sourcebook and represents the most comprehensive selection ever compiled from the Ulster-Scots literary tradition. As such, it greatly informs the debate and provides compelling proof of the extensive and consistent impact of lowland Scottish culture, religion and not least language, on the writing of Ulster over the course of four centuries." — Stephen Dornan, History Scotland.

"FRANK Ferguson has brought together a huge variety of writers, including poets, playwrights, essayists and novelists, into this comprehensive and fascinating anthology of Ulster-Scots writing .... This is everything a good anthology should be — accessible, readable and informative — you sit down to read about one writer, and end up reading the next page and the next…". — Louise McIvor, The Belfast News Letter (Saturday August 30th, 2008).