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The Scot in Ulster

The Scot in UlsterJohn Harrison (1847-1922) first wrote The Scot in Ulster as a series of articles in "The Scotsman" newspaper during the Spring of 1888, then published it in book form later that year with the subtitle Sketch of the History of the Scottish Population of Ulster. How popular and successful the book proved to be is entirely a matter of conjecture, but as a brief overview of Scottish settlement in Ulster in such an "easy-to-read" style, it is quite likely that it sold both quickly and well. However, it wasn't until 2005 that the book was finally reprinted as the first in a series of "Ulster-Scots Classics", and at that time a short print run of five hundred copies was sold out within a few months. The book was reprinted again in 2009 by The Ullans Press, the imprint of The Ulster-Scots Language Society, with a view to making it available once more to a new generation of readers.

The chapters in this work are: The Scot gains a footing in County Down, The Scot settles North Down and County Antrim, The Great Plantation in Ulster, The Scot brings with him his Scottish Church, The Scots and the Irish Rebellion of 1641, Ulster from the Restoration to the Union, The Scottish blood in the Ulster men of to-day.