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Wake the Tribe o Dan

Wake the Tribe o DanBetsy Sloan had important choices to make about her life and her partner. But these decisions were taken out of her hands in a tussle between the traditional Ulster-Scots values of Drumcrun, and those of the outside world.

With the arrival of men from the Ministry of Culture, intent on exploring and reviving Drumcrun's distinctive way of life, came more unwelcome change. Their support was nearly the kiss of death for the very thing they were trying to save — and almost the ruination of Betsy.

The future of the unique community in Drumcrun (the Hill of the Cruithin) was wrapped up in Betsy's own destiny. Was the last remnant of their curious tribalism to be awakened, or was its final demise to be waked?

This novel has been written in Ulster-Scots kailyard style. It retains that humorous tradition, but with some very modern, satirical twists. Larger than life characters abound.

However, each absurd turn of events carries a futuristic ring of truth...