The Ulster-Scots Language Society, formed to promote the Ulster-Scots language, our own hamely tongue

A Blad o Ulster-Scotch frae Ullans

A Blad o Ulster-Scotch frae UllansA miscellany of Ulster-Scots writing, including contemporary poetry, taken from various back issues of Ullans, the journal of The Ulster-Scots Language Society.



Ulster-Scots Culture

Ulster Tartan  Leslie Dickson

Jackie Stewart, Jamie Boyd and Friends...  Ronnie R Adams

Pipe Bands  Tommy Millar

Scottish Country Dancing  Elma Wickens

Old-Time Square Dancing  Philip Robinson & Will McAvoy

The Bowls  Philip Robinson

Ayrshire Needlework in the Ards  Linda M Ballard

Practice Verses for Psalm Tunes  William Robb

Burns Corner: The Early Belfast Printings  Jim Heron

Jean Glover and Letterkenny  Conal Gillespie

The Sport of Curling in Ulster  Andrew Steven

La Russe  Jeannie Peak

Golf in Ulster  Philip Robinson

Ulster-Scots Language

Some Names in the Greyabbey District  Will McAvoy et al.

A Test for Ulster-Scots  Philip Robinson

Ulster-Scots as Manifest in Place Names  David Polley

An Early Letter in Ulster Scots  Michael Montgomery

Mourne View  Tom Porter

David Bruce: Ulster Scot-American Poet  Michael Montgomery

Soon Fun: A Quiz on Ulster-Scots  Elspeth Barnes

What is Ulster Scots?  Michael Montgomery

Ulster-Scots Writing

Sir Robert McClelland of Bombie

The Oul Leid: John Hamilton of Bangor

'Scotch Poems' from East Donegal in 1753  Anonymous

Simkin, or a Bargain's a Bargain - A Tale  Samuel Thomson

To a Hedge-Hog  Samuel Thomson

The Penitent  James Orr

The Fechtin Dugs  W G Lyttle

Bab M'Keen: The McKeenstown (Ballymena) Scotch Chronicler  Stephen Herron

Dolly M'Croit  Archibald McIlroy

The 23rd Psalm

The Legend of Stumpie's Brae  Cecil Frances Alexander

The Flail  John Clifford

The Glaur  John A Oliver

The Earn Wäng (The Eagle Wing)  John Erskine

A Bricht February Mournin  Mark Thompson

The Flow  James Fenton

Minin Bab  James Fenton

Dailygan  James Fenton

Ma Granda aun Dauvit Hugh's Deuks  John McGimpsey Johnson

Niver Loass Hairt  Charlie Gillen

The Oul Wye  Ernest McA Scott

A Reekin Buck-Goat, a Ringle E'ed Doag and a Wheepin Whitrick  Isobel McCulloch

Alba and Albania  Philip Robinson

The Wee Bleck Can  Hugh Robinson

Thae Tuk Mae Ain Tung  Charlie Reynolds