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Oor Wullie's Picthur

Old Newspaper Advertisement

Did ye hear that aboot oor Wullie?
He was up in Bilfast last week,
An' his shedda wus tuck wae a spy gless,
A declare ye wud think it cud speak.

Ye niver saw onything like it.
Jeest yisterday - what dae ye think? -
His sweetheart cum in fur tae see it.
An' she sade that his e'e gee'd a wink.

Noo. Wullie's a guid-luckin' fella -
He's jeest a year oot o' his teens -
An' the picthur wus tuck up in High Street,
Jeest next daur tae Forster Green's.

Roon the daur there's a hale lot o' picthurs,
Inside a gless case, they're stuck,
Guid-lukin' lasses an' sojers,
An' ye'll see Wullie's there if ye luck.

The man that has tuck a' these picthurs
Haes a nice wunnin' wie o' his ain,
He shows ye sae much o' his kindness
Till yer no very share whut yer daen'.

There's naithin sae nice is a picthur,
Bit some ir a perfect disgrace;
If ye want tae mak share that it's like ye,
Then Mr. McBRIDE'S is the place.

(W. G. Lyttle)