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The Old Man and the Cat

[Taken from Ahoghill by Agnes Kerr (Belfast?, c.1913)]

Ah! naughty puss, whaur hae you been?
Och! och-a-nee! you're in the cream;
What will I dae wi' you ava?
For you hae been an' licked it a'.

I niver get a bite o' meat
But you maun hae your share o' it;
You hae your nose in a you see,
You canna let a ha'pporth be.

Guid bless me, noo you're in the pan —
Sich nonsense I canna stan';
Get oot o' that, you sneaking rook,
Or I will lift tae you the crook.

If you wou'd go an' catch a moose
That's jumping there through a' the hoose;
Juist luk at this; but, oh, dear me!
You wou'd far rather let them be.

You'd rather steal my meat awa'
As catch yoursel' a moose or twa;
But min' yoursel', for be my sang
I'll hae you yit, 'fore vera lang.