Tha Ulstèr-Scotch Leid Societie, mintit at giein a heft tae tha Ulstèr-Scotch leid, oor ain hamelt tongue


Oor Wullie's Picthur by W. G. Lyttle

The Legend of Stumpie's Brae by Mrs Alexander

The Antiquary by John Stevenson

Simkin, or, a Bargain's a Bargain by Samuel Thomson

Amy Carmichael o Millisle by Philip Robinson

Raven Maps o 1625 by Philip Robinson

Dunloy by James Fenton

The Muse Dismissed by Hugh Porter

The Spae-Wife by James Orr

The Wanderer by James Orr

Fae Cowie's Craig by Fiona McDonald

The Egg by Laura Spence

Jecky McNab by Laura Spence

The Scare-Craw by Francis Boyle

On Presenting a Plough to a Clergyman by Francis Boyle

Drinking Song by Samuel Fee Given

Oh! Whiskey My Darling by Robert Huddleston

The Old Man and the Cat by Agnes Kerr

Toothache by Agnes Kerr

The Weaving by Agnes Kerr

The Bicycle by Adam Lynn

The Lint Pullin by Adam Lynn

Epigram to a Liar by C. K. Pooler

An Epitaph on a Miser by C. K. Pooler

An Epitaph on a Miser (2) by C. K. Pooler

Jamie Smith and the Grogan by W. Clarke Robinson

A Song on Marriage by Hugh Porter